BK400PS Cast Aluminium Pullkey,…

BK400PS Cast Aluminium Pullkey, Pull and Slack Wire Trip Type

Inelco International’s BK400 pullkey offers unrivaled features. As a direct replacement of the BK200 and BK300, the BK400 builds on the strengths that have witnessed sales of pullkeys since 1992.

Our Pull and Slack Wire Trip Type pullkey is a single trip shaft pullkey where both ends of the shaft are to be connected to a tensioning spring in order to operate as a balanced system. For this pullkey it is recommended to connect the pull trip cable as detailed on page two of this product sheet. With this pullkey only steel wire rope can be used between the pullkey shaft and the tensioning spring. The pullkey will trip when the cable is pulled to the left or the right and if the cable is cut, it will trip in the opposite direction. A window at the top of the pullkey will indicate when the system is balanced and ready for a reset. This pullkey is designed for up to 200m spacings between Pullkey’s.



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