Earth Leakage Lockout Relay…

Earth Leakage Lockout Relay Model I-G

The Inelco International i-G has been designed to detect Earth Faults on conductors in an outgoing circuit of an electrical system and to prevent the closure of the electrical supply to the de-energized circuit.

When incoming mains power is switched off, the LR scans the outgoing cable and will lockout if an earth fault of 10K ohms or less is present. Detection of a fault will prevent the circuit switching device from being closed whilst the fault is present. The unit is fail-safe in operation and will drop out on detection of a fault and remain open until the fault is cleared. The power supply to this unit is designed to maintain the function in its healthy mode for 2 seconds under no volt conditions thus preventing premature drop out under system fault conditions.


Earth Leakage Lockout Relay Model I-G

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